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In 2007, one of the founders of joureymakerjobs was interviewed for a job in a multinational company. After a few stages of interview, he was dropped at the end. Later, however, he got a job in another multinational company, but the failure of the first interview remains in his mind.

After working for four or five years, he thought that if he had done a little more grooming, he might have been able to work in a better position in these companies. One of his university classmates had the similar thoughts. Eventually the two of them decided to do something together and their strength in this work was the experience of working in different organizations.

After that, the two of them started their Sylhet-based HR and Recruitment venture called journeymkerjobs where no money has to be counted by the job seekers for job application. And so far, they are going with this free service for all the job seekers.