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Please read this page in your utmost conscience as they contain important Terms including how we may terminate your access to the JMJ website and its services. These Terms and Conditions (as they may be amended from time to time by JMJ), form a binding agreement between you and JMJ. Without accepting these Terms and Conditions, you may not use the website of JMJ alongside its services. These Terms and Conditions are effective as of March 18, 2015.

Your access to use of the JMJ website or its services, indicates your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. You are agreeing to use the site at your own reliability.

  • JMJ means ‘’.
Area of Concern
  • JMJ shall not be considered in possession of any kind of endorsement, representation or warranty in respect to any user or third party, whether in regards to its website, products, services, hiring, experience, employment, recruiting practices, or otherwise.
  • JMJ reserves the right to moderate/delete any profile that they seem inappropriate or misguiding.
  • As a User, you will not use any information obtained from JMJ in order to harass, abuse, or harm another person, or in order to contact, advertise to, solicit or sell to any visitor without their prior clear consent.
  • JMJ does not affect introductions between recruiters and candidates (or vice versa).
  • Your log in User ID and Password should be kept confidential at all times and not disclosed to any other person. You must notify us immediately if you believe that your password is known to someone else or if it may be used in an unauthorized way. JMJ hold no liability for any unauthorized or improper use or disclosure of any password.
  • JMJ will not be liable on account of any inaccuracy of information on this website. It is the sole responsibility of the visitor to further research and analyze the information on the site.
  • JMJ accept no liability for any direct or indirect loss arising from your use of the Website. You agree to indemnify us against all costs, expenses, claims, losses, liabilities or proceedings arising from your misuse of the website. You must inform us immediately if anyone makes or threatens to make any claim against you relating to your use of the website.
  • JMJ may contain links to third-party websites placed by us as a service to those interested in this information, or posted by other Members. Your use of these links to third-party websites is at your own risk. We do not monitor or have any control over and make no claim or representation regarding these third-party websites.
  • JMJ may terminate your registration and/or deny you access to the website or any part of it at any time in our absolute discretion and without any explanation or notification.
Profile Focus
  • Profile you create on the JMJ website is accurate and submitted on your own behalf.
  • You are solely responsible for your account and the information you provide in your profile/CV.
  • User ID and Password must be kept secure in your own concern.
  • JMJ does not held accountability on leaking of your (Job Seeker) information from the company/firm where you applied for the job.
  • Where you choose to delete/edit your details in your profile, we will not retain a copy of it in our database and it will not be made available to recruiters. Please note – however we are not able to control the storage of your profile/CV details by recruiters.
  • If you ever wish to close your individual account with us or remove your details, then please contact us.
Financial Transaction
  • JMJ won’t be responsible for any financial transactions or dealing between the recruiter and the job seeker.
  • JMJ never asks for any payment from The Job Seeker. The service is totally free of charge for all the job seekers only to assure flexibility to them.
  • JMJ has a variety of available fee packages with a multiple service policy for The Recruiters which they can choose as per their requirement.
Job Description
  • For all the job details including its job purpose, responsibilities, requirements, location and offered salary etc. are solely determined by the Recruiter of the company, firm or any corporation.
  • JMJ does not bear any liability for the section of job description that are elaborately described in the Job Post.
SMS Service
  • JMJ provides SMS Service only to provide flexible solutions to the problems of the employer/job seeker. In failing to send any information through SMS Service, JMJ won’t be held responsible. The User must contact over e-mail, phone or visit the office regarding their issues.
  • This service cannot be used against JMJ’s Terms and Condition.
App Permission
  • For android users, JMJ provides a user-friendly App which can be installed from ‘Play Store’.
  • While start using this app, it needs a certain permission to run on Android and requires access to certain systems within your device. App can save personalize data for user. A common reason of storage permissions is that these data will help user to get personalized App experience. For example, we ask for permission to use your location, so that we can show you jobs nearby.
Problems with the JMJ website or its service
  • If you experience any problems with the JMJ website or wish to make a complaint about the website, any of the services available on the JMJ or any recruiters who you feel are abusing the service we provide, then please contact us at our E-mail address – or at our office Phone no. +8801979560560. You may also visit us at our office.
  • The JMJ is concerned for the privacy of visitors to its website. The protection of your personal information is extremely important to us. However, please note that the security of information transmitted over the Internet cannot be assured.
Changes to the Terms & Conditions and Invalidity
  • These terms and conditions may be changed by us time to time. You will be deemed to accept the terms and conditions (as amended) when you next use the JMJ website following any amendment.
  • We may change or add additional terms to either the Terms of use or the privacy policy specific to the JMJ website. For example:
    • If we revise the existing services we provide;
    • If we add new services to the JMJ website; or
    • If we need to modify for security, regulatory or legal reasons.
  • Where the changes are significant or noteworthy, we may also choose to email our registered users with the new details. Any changes to the Terms of use or the privacy policy will not affect your right to cancel your JMJ website account with us or to remove your Profile/CV details from our website.