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Job Responsibilities

- This role is ideal for a dynamic professional specializing in SEO, content development, and driving sales through strategic digital campaigns.

- Develop and execute successful SEO strategies to achieve top rankings in major search engines and drive traffic to the company website.

- Create compelling, high-quality content tailored to various platforms to engage target audiences and promote brand messaging.

- Collaborate with marketing and sales teams to design and implement digital campaigns that align with business goals and drive conversions.



- Creativity and Innovation.
- Adaptability and Flexibility.
- Emotional Intelligence.
- Collaboration and Teamwork.
- Communication and Storytelling.
- Time Management and Productivity.
- Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.
- Networking and Relationship Building.
- Brand and Personal Identity Development.
- Audience Engagement and Community Building.
- Past marketing experience - show evidence of previous campaign work.


- Content Creation and Multimedia Production.
- Graphic Design and Visual Communication.
- Video Editing and Post-Production.
- Search Engine Optimization SEO.
- Web Development and Coding.
- Data Analytics and User Engagement Analysis.
- Photography and Image Editing.
- Social Media Marketing and Platform Mastery.


Graduation from any reputed university.


Experience person in sales & Marketing / customer service will get preference.

About the Company

  • Company Name: A Local Organization
  • Company Profile:
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