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Job Responsibilities

Join us as a Science Teacher and be part of a team that is changing lives and positively transforming the local community. The school offers outstanding continuing professional development for its staff. 



- A results-oriented history of personal achievement o A belief that all students, regardless of background and current ability, can succeed in high school, college, and life

- A passion to work relentlessly within a team to help close the achievement and opportunity gap

- A data-driven mindset o The discipline to self-reflect and the hunger to continuously improve and a willingness to grow and develop as a teacher through observations, feedback, and coaching conversations


What you can expect from STEMAYS


-STEMAYS develops teachers by focusing on excellence in teaching. To do so, we coach teachers through “STEMAYS Teacher Academy”

- STEMAYS will help develop your abilities as an educator through our differentiated professional development, coaching, and support, and opportunities for growth and leadership o STEMAYS provides the framework scope and sequence for your subject to help guide you through your lesson planning. The work is challenging—possibly some of the most difficult work you have done. But it is also the most rewarding

- STEMAYShas a mission-aligned staff that have high beliefs in the success of all our students regardless of their background and they hold our students to high expectations in their work, behavior, and development as the future of our community


Candidate from Bristish Curiculam and having a Masters degree from public or private university in the following disciplines below would be highly preferable. 1. Physics 2. Chemistry 3. Mathmatics. 


Several years of teaching experience in similar areas.  

About the Company

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