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Job Responsibilities

1. Represent journeymakerjobs in the particular organization.

2. Work as a spokesperson for journeymakerjobs.

3. Primary task is to communicate the information among existing & potential markets.

4. Bring new members who actually need the service.

5. Time to time update journeymakerjobs about market feedback.

6. Assist Journeymakerjobs to arrange programs on campus plus outside campus.

7. Other assigned tasks from management.


- Maintain the link between administration & journeymakerjobs.

- Standard communication skills.

- Team player & able to lead the team.

- At least two references are required in the CV.


Regular students. Bachelor 2nd Year Running or above students are encouraged to apply.



Other Details

It will be a 1 Year Agreement.

Facilities: 1. A certificate will be offered, 2. Free mentoring and training sessions will be provided.

Salary: No salary.


Note: Students will be recruited from multiple universities.

About the Company

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