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পিকেএসএফ-এর অর্থায়নে পরিচালিত ও মাইক্রোক্রেডিট রেগুলেটরী অথরিটির সনদ প্রাপ্ত সংস্থা পাতাকুঁড়ি সোসাইটির এর ক্ষুদ্রঋণ কার্যক্রম সম্প্রসারণের লক্ষে কর্মসূচী সংগঠক পদে লোক নিয়োগ করা হবে।


বয়সঃ অনুর্ধ্ব ৩৫ বছর


স্নাতকোওর পাশ।


প্রযোজ্য নহে।

Other Details

বেতনঃ ১৩,৫০০

সুবিধাদি: বছরে দুইটি উৎসব ভাতা, বৈশাখী ভাতা, কর্মী কল্যাণ, মটরসাইকেল ঋণ, যাতায়াত বিল, মোবাইল বিল এবং স্থায়ীকরণের পর প্রতিষ্ঠানের নিয়ম অনুযায়ী নির্ধারিত বেতন স্কেল, বার্ষিক ইনক্রিমেন্ট, প্রভিডেন্ট ফান্ড, গ্র্যাচুইটি ও অন্যান্য সুবিধাদি প্রাপ্য হবেন।

About the Company

  • Company Name: Patakuri Society
  • Company Profile:
  • PATAKURI is a NGO aimed at sustainable micro finance organization. The organization started in the year 2000 and those active activities had started at that time well. Patakuri Society is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental development organization devoted to the well-being of the marginalized people (poor, women & the ethnic minorities) of Bangladesh. Mission: A Sustainable, cost-effective micro-finance institution that provides, flexible and market responsive quality financial and business development services at competitive prices along with other social development programs to very poor, poor and vulnerable non-poor customers. Vision: The vision of Patakuri Society is to create an environment based on unity, discipline and cooperation and utilizing those through voluntary initiatives to wards by various social developments and to accelerate it through under taking different socio-economic projects activating helpless, destitute and unemployed people. Objective: The overall objective of PATAKURI is to alleviate the poverty of the poor families and empower the women in particular in socio-economic aspects. Strategy:To prove support for making strong network for strengthen poor development And take joint action program for stopping men, women and child torture. To pressurize policy making process through joint efforts with male Headed organization for make favorable law for the people. Maintain close co-ordination with different networks. Patakuri Society believes in integrated development strategy with bottom-up participatory approach and management frame work based on people’s felt need. Recently Patakuri Society has attained the age of 21 years. Over the period it has gradually expanded its micro finance activities through 12 branches in 333 villages, 54 unions and 11 Upazilas of 3 districts. Patakuri Society worked with PKSF, IDCOL, Bangladesh Bank. Contact Patakuri Society House No: 02 (3 rd Floor) Catholic Mission Road Sreemangal, Dist: Moulvibazar.