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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for overall supervision of the project where duties will include activities related to fisheries and poultry.

2. Ensuring the safety and efficiency of poultry farm operations.

3. Assigning duties to farmworkers and ensure that they are carried out in an efficient manner.

4. Provide senior administrative support to project implementation, including preparation and monitoring of work plans, and budgets.

5. Supervise the work of technical and administrative staff.


- Excellent creative thinking capability.

- Standard leadership, communication and presentation skills.

- Must have a flexible attitude.

- Able to work under severe pressure.


H. S. C. 


Minimum 6 Months of experience in the agro sector

Other Details

Others facility-
- Food and accommodation will be provided from company.
-Salary -15000 BDT .

About the Company

  • Company Name: SLC Agro limited
  • Company Profile:
  • Agro Firm