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Job Responsibilities

Job Purpose:

1. Working for the development of the institution and motivating the students to be disciplined and be able to lead the future.

2. Moving forward with a vision to attain success and build up a strong reputation for the institution.


Job Duties:

1. Create benchmarks for students and teachers and track progress towards those goals while providing a strategic direction in the school system.

2. Prepare comprehensive school calendars focusing on all relevant activities.

3. Develop programs that improve teacher performance and assist students in understanding class material better.

4. Organize both academic & extra-curricular activities of the school and effectively monitor & supervise the performance of all academic staff.


- Excellent writing and communication skills.

- Must be able to think strategically and stay committed to creating a productive educational experience.


Bachelor/ Master’s degree in any discipline from a reputed University.


- Experienced candidates will receive preference.

- Freshers are encouraged to apply.

About the Company

  • Company Name: Shiny Steps
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