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Job Responsibilities

- Consult with clients to understand their Hajj and Umrah travel preferences, requirements, and budget constraints.

- Offer expert advice and guidance on the pilgrimage process, including visa procedures, travel itineraries, accommodation options, and transportation arrangements.

- Customize travel packages tailored to the specific needs and preferences of individual pilgrims or group travelers.

- Coordinate with airlines, hotels, ground transportation providers, and other service partners to secure bookings and negotiate favorable terms.

- Assist clients with visa applications, documentation, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

- Provide ongoing support and assistance to clients, addressing inquiries, concerns, and special requests promptly and professionally.

- Maintain accurate records of client information, bookings, payments, and other relevant details using designated software systems.

- Stay updated on changes in Hajj and Umrah regulations, travel advisories, and industry trends to provide informed guidance and recommendations to clients.


- Strong organizational skills and attention to detail, with the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced environment.

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with a customer-centric approach to service delivery.

- Strong Computer skills.

- Proficiency in relevant software applications for travel booking, documentation management, and client communication.

- Cultural sensitivity and understanding of Islamic traditions, customs, and sensitivities related to Hajj and Umrah travel.


Graduate. Educational requirement will be relaxed for experienced candidate.


- Freshers are also encouraged to apply. Experiences candidates will receive preference.

About the Company

  • Company Name: Suma International Services
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